Ernie Bird

how valid is consolidation as a survival strategy?

In the first of our recent marine powerful thinking articles, we looked at the recent past and the near future of the shipbuilding industry and how it is placed to meet the challenges of a changing world, and the ‘lower for longer’ oil price. In the second, we looked at how shipbuilding industry leadership has...
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the necessity of reinvention

If it’s a truism that necessity is the mother of invention, then strategy, by a similar token, must be a parent of re-invention.  This is never more so than in today’s oil &  gas market.  We live in an ever-changing world, and these are increasingly turbulent times.  To survive as the world changes, we must...
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shipyards and the rise of the phoenix

A critical factor in offshore projects is the role of the shipyard as fabricator and integrator; however, in recent years those who might have chosen to invest in shipyards have been rewarded with burned fingers. 2017 midyear analysis [1] indicates that now might be the time for the phoenix to rise from the ashes, and...
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lessons from the history books … how looking back can help us moving forward

The need for change and transformation in the way the oil and gas industry does projects has been io’s call to arms since its inception; it is precisely the reason why we were created. Change means to make or become different. But this need not mean that the only option is to undertake the activity...
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