is there structural change afoot in the oil and gas market?

OPEC has met and the results are in – the oil cartel has agreed to cut oil supply by 1.2 million barrels a day in a move that silenced sceptics and sent Brent crude prices up nearly 9 percent to above $50bbl.[1] The move comes after eight years without market intervention and in the wake...
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how does oil and gas fit into a changing UK political landscape?

In the new and uncertain political landscape that is post-Brexit Britain, eye-captivating headlines are never far away. In recent weeks, the nation’s broadsheets have been filled with a scintillating array of Westminster gossip, ranging from deep rifts in the Labour Party to Brexit triumphalism among grassroots Conservatives. The new Government’s policy on the oil and...
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io oil & gas consulting appoints Richard Dyson as CEO

io oil & gas consulting, the independent venture backed by GE Oil & Gas and McDermott, has announced the appointment of Richard Dyson as its new CEO. Richard will be based in io’s head office in The Shard, London and oversee all its global operations including offices in Houston, Texas and Perth, Western Australia. As...
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do big pharma and big oil share a common goal?

In the pharmaceuticals industry, as in the oil and gas industry, reaching long term economically sustainable businesses in challenging times can be a complex business. The significant hurdles in getting a drug to market mean that pharmaceutical companies invest more heavily in research than any other industry – £11.5 million every day.[1] Only 1 in...
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io oil & gas consulting achieves FPAL registration

io oil & gas consulting is pleased to announce that it is now a part of the FPAL community, having received registration within Europe’s leading oil & gas industry supply chain database. FPAL plays a key role in helping all stakeholders across the supply chain with a neutral platform to access and collaborate with one...
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how megaprojects can win gold

io oil & gas consulting With tales sporting heroism filling the airwaves every day, media attention has largely moved its focus away from the turbulence that followed Brazil’s Olympic Games preparation. On the field at least, the 31st Olympic Games are likely to be remembered fondly, though there are still many lessons to be learnt...
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how can oil and gas improve efficiency measures?

Amid global economic weakness, tougher fuel economy regulations, more viable forms of alternative energy and, above all, a dramatically lower oil price, the oil and gas industry continues to reflect on how it can become productive and profitable once again. A report looking at the fundamentals needed to drive excellence in oil and gas operations,...
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